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at gun shows. that dpebt is now spreading well beyond washington as cities and states take steps to distance themselves from gun manufacturers. in new york last week, the city school teachers pension fund sold off $13.5 million it held in stock with five gun makers. that followed action in california where the state teachers retirement system also stripped itself of $11.7 million of investments from three gun manufacturers. and the golden state's $254 billion public employees retirement system is also deciding whether to withdraw the $5 million worth of shares it holds in two companies. in chicago, mayor rahm emmanuel focused on banks, asking t.d. bank and bank of america to stop financing gun manufacturers. chicago's gun violence has placed it in the center of the national debate. michelle obama attended the funeral of hadiya pendleton who was shot to death near her school days after marching in the presidential inaugural parade and pendleton's parents joined mrs. obama as her guest at the state of the union speech last week. president obama returned to his hometown last week to
:00 we'll show you more video proof and why uber has now dismissed two drivers and why the city has detailed undercover agents to follow me and my team as we continue our undercover investigation into d.c. taxis. >> this thing just keeps growing russ. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. >>> coming up at 7:00 on wusa9 if the white house and congress can't make a deal to avoid sequestration, you are the ones who will feel the big impact. montgomery county executive ike leggette will be in studio to -- leggett will be in studio to talk about what he wants to do about testimony. >>> we'll tell you what's in the future for hillary clinton coming up. >> and how far would you go to quiet down a screaming child on your flight? up next we'll tell you what one man did that caused him to lose his job. you're watching wusa9. >>> so what would you do to quiet down a crying child on board your flight? well, the parents of this 19- month-old boy say the passenger sitting next to them used a racial slur when asking them to quiet him down as their flight landed in atlanta. then joe hundley allegedly rea
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)